New Year’s Resolutions for us all

  • Rapid, planned decarbonization and transition to renewables concomitant with equal restrictions on fossil fuel extractions.
  • Decommodification of basic social goods that we already know are more efficient and effective when publicly provisioned.
  • A vast shift of resources—and sovereign power—to the Global South, not out of moral duty, but out of rational necessity concomitant with a move away from economic-growth paradigms and toward “growth agnosticism,” human development, and redistribution.
  • An end to further dispossession and enclosure, and a turn to sustainable, agroecological food production.
  • A permanent shift in the balance of political power away from capital and to labor.
  • Greater restrictions, and democratic guidance, of capital flows, and greater freedom and facilitation for human migrations.
  • And, underneath all, a release from the vicious cycle described above, a world of greater individual, social, and political security, greater temporal freedom, greater if different material freedoms, and greater human flourishing.

From Ajay Singh Chaudhary in n+1