Life on the internet is life

What I did find were many vibrant and surprisingly active communities of the Post-Left; anti-civilization eco-anarchist groups scattered across various chat servers. Their style is witty and cutthroat, radically inclusive, multicultural, LGBTQ, pro-diversity, posting twenty-four hours a day at the speed of 4chan; “race/class/gender is a social construct and we must do away with all of it.”

They reject traditional strategies of collective bargaining and coalition building. They conceive of markets as, essentially, ahead of regulation. ‘How can progressivism be progressive if regulation itself is reactionary?’ Technological progress creates new markets faster than they can be regulated. Civilization means an inevitable drift to the right. Anything other than dismantling civilization is only a temporary stop-gap which by design cannot hold back the brutal efficiency of capitalist acceleration.

Source: Politigram & the Post-left by Joshua Citarella