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September 11, 2016
by sarcozona

perhaps the personality and behavioural features thought to be characteristic of migraine may instead be related to the experience of chronic pain

One of the few reasonable sentences in this fucked up paper.

Doctors and researchers want to blame patients for their own migraines so badly.

Trump and shame Debunking the long chain mail anecdotes from your conservative friends and family will do no good. Facts can’t address a deep story.

The deep story was a feels-as-if-it’s-true story, stripped of facts and judgments, that reflected the feelings underpinning opinions and votes. …

an account of life as it feels to them. Some such account underlies all beliefs, right or left, I think. The deep story of the right goes like this:

You are patiently standing in the middle of a long line stretching toward the horizon, where the American Dream awaits. But as you wait, you see people cutting in line ahead of you. Many of these line-cutters are black—beneficiaries of affirmative action or welfare. Some are career-driven women pushing into jobs they never had before. Then you see immigrants, Mexicans, Somalis, the Syrian refugees yet to come. As you wait in this unmoving line, you’re being asked to feel sorry for them all. You have a good heart. But who is deciding who you should feel compassion for? Then you see President Barack Hussein Obama waving the line-cutters forward. He’s on their side. In fact, isn’t he a line-cutter too? How did this fatherless black guy pay for Harvard? As you wait your turn, Obama is using the money in your pocket to help the line-cutters. He and his liberal backers have removed the shame from taking. The government has become an instrument for redistributing your money to the undeserving. It’s not your government anymore; it’s theirs.

The Sad Decline of VOX vox was pitiful before election season, but it’s downright embarrassing now

Complaint: Citing Catholic Rules, Doctor Turns Away Bleeding Woman With Dislodged IUD Catholic hospitals should be forced to treat women or shut down.

Rodrigo Duterte’s Campaign of Terror in the Philippines