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While you’re waiting for the bus

Are you safer biking or walking? Data from London Free As In Health Care – blarg? We need better software How the Money Bail System Perpetuates America’s Mass Incarceration Problem – Pacific Standard *Self-driving car technology will change more than your car*  

No shit, Sherlock

perhaps the personality and behavioural features thought to be characteristic of migraine may instead be related to the experience of chronic pain One of the few reasonable sentences in this fucked up paper. Doctors and researchers want to blame patients for their own migraines so badly.

While you’re waiting for the bus

Trump and shame Debunking the long chain mail anecdotes from your conservative friends and family will do no good. Facts can’t address a deep story. The deep story was a feels-as-if-it’s-true story, stripped of facts and judgments, that reflected the feelings underpinning opinions and votes. … an account of life as it feels to them. […]