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The Difference Between Rationality and Intelligence
I could definitely use rationality training. There’s got to be an app for that…

You Need to Care About Facebook Censoring an Iconic Vietnam War Photo

I have a post up today on Tenure, She Wrote about structural financial barriers in academia for chronically ill graduate students.

If a worker is less productive, should they be paid less? This is not an abstract question for me.

As a sick graduate student, I take longer to produce academic products like papers and degrees than the average well graduate student. Instead of the 4-5 years expected for a PhD student here, I’ll likely take 6-7 years. Additionally, my living expenses are higher because of my illness; despite living in a country with socialized medicine, I still have thousands and thousands of dollars a year in uncovered medical expenses.

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Trump would be a disaster at home and maybe abroad. Clinton would be a disaster abroad and keep us on our current miserable domestic course.

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