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To did


Today I

  • canceled my breakfast plans
  • worked hard on not vomiting for 2 hours
  • made my bed
  • made eggs and toast
  • responded to responses to my ad for a cleaner because I’m too sick to clean my own damn house
  • emailed my psychologist to quit therapy because I keep missing appointments because I’m so sick
  • contacted several clinics that do therapy over the internet because my GP gets antsy when I don’t have a therapist ever since topamax made me suicidal (oops!) and because my friends can only handle so much whining about migraines
  • set up meetings to get the right people to sign forms to extend my medical leave
  • lay on the couch and read tumblr
  • heated up leftovers for lunch
  • looked at my goals sheet and tried to figure out a way to work 4 hours this week
  • got back in bed
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