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Drake the feminist comic


I just love this song by Drake where he pretends to be the entitled and clueless ex-lover of a gorgeous and wildly successful woman.

While on the surface this appears to be about a man saddened by a breakup, anything more than the most superficial attention to the lyrics reveals the story of a man who believes that sleeping with a woman a few times means that she should stay at home waiting for him forever. When she doesn’t fulfil his insane and controlling expectations, he rants and scolds while she ignores him and goes on with her awesome life.

The song begins with a description of a certain kind of late night phone call.

You used to call me on my cell phone
Late night when you need my love

The woman appears to be quite busy (perhaps with university or a major work project?), since later in the song he describes her as having more time to go out.

Eventually he moved away

Ever since I left the city,

and her hard work paid off. She has time to go out and money to buy new clothes and travel the world. She’s meeting great new people at work and reconnecting with friends she lost touch with while she was working so hard.

Started wearing less
and goin’ out more
Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor
Hangin’ with some girls I’ve never seen before

She’s probably gotten an amazing job or fancy award since he’s hearing about how great she’s doing even though she’s in another city.

Ever since I left the city you
Got a reputation for yourself now

While this was clearly very important to him and he hoped for something to continue,

I feel left out


Ever since I left the city, you, you, you
You and me we just don’t get along
You make me feel like I did you wrong

She doesn’t have time for him since she’s globetrotting and spending time with her girlfriends.

You got exactly what you asked for
Running out of pages in your passport
Hanging with some girls I’ve never seen before

It’s apparent he resents and is confused by her success, scolding her for not knowing her place.

Going places where you don’t belong

He spends all of his time obsessing over the gorgeous new people she’s seeing and trying to affirm that he’s superior to them

These days, all I do is
Wonder if you bendin’ over backwards for someone else
Wonder if your rollin’ backwoods for someone else
Doing things I taught you gettin’ nasty for someone else
You don’t need no one else
You don’t need nobody else, no

This guy has clearly just been used for sex and can’t come to terms with how unimportant he is in this woman’s life. Women experience this kind of thing frustratingly often – you’re just trying to have a bit of a fling, but he suddenly seems to think he owns you. It’s alternately hilarious and exhausting to deal with. It’s so awesome of Drake to write a song laying out how ridiculous it is for men to act like this!

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