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Stuff worth reading

Strange Bedfellows: The Rise of the Green Tea Coalition
When people believe your individualist, capitalist claptrap, this is what happens

Origins of Motordom: The Public Shaming of Jaywalkers
Changing norms. Streets used to be for people.

Grieving the Loss of the Life I Used to Have
Illness and grief

Death by data: how Kafka’s The Trial prefigured the nightmare of the modern surveillance state

From the Folks Who Want To Give You Keystone XL: TransCanada Pipeline Explosion …
We should wait to burn this stuff until we have a safer way to move it

Whenever I see a commercial for “migraine” medication on television…


A New Physics Theory of Life

The Shipping Report: Sea blindness – automated

‘Did She Do a Billion Dollars Worth of Work?’
Of course, the real question is did any billionaire do a billion dollars of work. And the answer is always a very easy no.

Leaked US independent surveillance watchdog report concludes NSA program is illegal and recommends shut-down
Shut it down

The Happiness Index: Putting people before profit in Bhutan
“But there is a trade-off between peace and convenience.”What if we were trying to maximize well being instead of profit?

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