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I have a post up over on Tenure, She Wrote about how femininity is seen as an incompetent other in my workplace. I wanted to write more about the experience people with queer genders or trans people have, but that’ll have to wait for another post.

While you’re waiting for the bus

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Things that bear repeating

sexual harassment in Academia is symptomatic of the larger-scale dysfunctionalities between the sexes in our culture, and any address of them must be grounded in the fundamental tenets of women’s liberation from Hope Jahren

A few good hours

Lately my migraines are rarely terrible, soul-crushingly painful events. But I am almost never completely pain or symptom free. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I had a solid chunk of time with no migraine symptoms. I wrote the introduction to two of my proposal chapters, the methods for one chapter, did some […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

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Stupid, lazy young folks

Usually millennials get shit for being lazy and entitled. But now that the numbers show so many of us are working crap jobs, we’re getting called stupid, too. This WSJ article suggests that young people are shooting themselves in the foot by staying in their low wage jobs. Changing jobs is one of the most […]