When all your paychecks are surprises

I get three paychecks a year, but the timing of those paychecks is not consistent. In the past, the office that handles this sort of thing posted the expected date I’d get paid at least a month in advance (though that wasn’t a guarantee). I got a little nervous recently when I noticed that, while I expect my paycheck in the next 2 weeks, the only thing that shows up on my university financials is a ginormous tuition bill. So I asked the office when I should expect my paycheck.

Instead of giving me a date, they told me they’d post the expected date within the next two weeks and acted like I was both stupid and an enormous pain in the ass for asking.

Because of some shenanigans with changing roommates, I have to shell out an amount almost exactly equivalent to all the current wiggle room in my budget ┬áin the next two weeks. Knowing that I’ll be getting that money back by mid-May is comforting, but doesn’t help me make ends meet between now and then.

I kind of hate the people who handle grad student awards at my university.

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