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Mathbabe takes on two articles inthe Economist about why women don’t get married and why more women aren’t running companies. Short answer: it sucks. Also,

I’d like to see another article come out where the Economist asks the question, Why are smart men willing to spend their lives in the quest of leading these companies, considering how awful the conditions are?

Some seriously good advice for grad school from Cosma:

But we are playing the same mind-games: removing you from your usual friends and associates, working you constantly, dis-orienting you with strange new concepts and vocabulary, surrounding you with people who are either in on the act or also enduring the initiation, and perpetually reinforcing that the only thing which matters is whether you excel in this particular program. This is an institution which has persisted over, literally, a thousand years by consuming young people like you and spitting out scholars with the attitudes and habits of mind it needs to perpetuate itself, and it is very good at getting inside your head.

There are many ways to cope with this, but what I would suggest is to remember, fiercely, that it’s all bullshit.

On intimacy.

Food and class.