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Bus stop reading

Mathbabe takes on two articles inthe Economist about why women don’t get married and why more women aren’t running companies. Short answer: it sucks. Also, I’d like to see another article come out where the Economist asks the question, Why are smart men willing to spend their lives in the quest of leading these companies, considering […]

Trees are good for more than timber

Alberta should stop digging up the oil sands and build a nanocrystalline cellulose factory instead – turning trees into a light, strong, transparent material that conducts electricity. Sensible forestry practices are far less environmentally damaging than oil sands development. Plus, if we’re clever about it, using trees for NCC could help slow climate change by […]

What I read on the bus this week

A fellowship I’m applying for wants people who’ve “developed their own vision for the future that defines a bold change for the community or a group, cause or organization.” Of course, people with truly bold visions will have their applications tossed in the garbage. Whenever I get frustrated with my application, I like to picture […]