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What I read on the bus this week

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A fellowship I’m applying for wants people who’ve “developed their own vision for the future that defines a bold change for the community or a group, cause or organization.” Of course, people with truly bold visions will have their applications tossed in the garbage. Whenever I get frustrated with my application, I like to picture the reviewers reading a proposal by Shulamith Firestone.

August’s Berry Go Round is up. My favorite entry was this moss id post.

Scientists are expected to be working all the time, though usually it’s a subtle, cultural pressure with at least lip service given to the idea of a life outside of work. But the people who pay the bills are pretty explicit about how they think scientists should live.

Rain in Prague by Maya Wronksa

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One Comment

  1. “Of course, people with truly bold visions will have their applications tossed in the garbage.”

    Or worse, at least in the US.

    Funny to think that I was nearly run off of several feminist sites for proposing ideas and “radical equality” nearly identical to what Firestone proposed — Pandagon among them. I was told that things like requiring all companies over 50 people in size to have their board of directors be half women, that working on artificial wombs so that women never had to bear children, and that attempted elimination of all gender distinctions was deeply anti-women.

    Also odd how revolutionary movements (even when they make some progress) are captured so expertly and often so quickly by the dominant weltanschauung and power structures of a society.

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