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Flattr helps little blogs, too


Have you ever noticed the Flattr buttons on this blog? Clicking on one of those is like tossing your change in the tip jar. You might think that it’s silly to use Flattr on a blog like mine (my readers are loyal, but few), but the small tips really add up. Despite the fact that I average less than a hundred page views a day, I still received enough in donations via Flattr to pay for 4 months of hosting costs last year.

So I want to say thank you to all the people who’ve Flattred my blog or individual posts in the last year.

If you don’t use Flattr, I think you should start. If you blog or write software or make music or take pictures or even if you just tweet a lot, you can probably make enough with Flattr to at least get another cup of coffee. And if you want to support writers and artists and programmers who do things you love, you can almost certainly flattr them, even if they haven’t signed up yet. I just flattred Hadley Wickham because he writes fucking awesome R packages like reshape and ggplot2 with outstanding documentation.

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