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ESA Interviews – Juliana Mulroy

I interviewed awesome ecologists at the 2011 Ecological Society of America meeting in exchange for reader donations, which paid for my conference attendance. This is one in a series of posts about those interviews. Last year at ESA I interviewed a bunch of awesome ecologists and promised to blog about those interviews. I wrote up five of […]

Tuesday Shoesday

Yesterday was all whine whine whine whine whine. To get the taste of that out of your mouth, I recommend imagining yourself in these cozy boots on a snowy hill with hot cocoa and a sled.


On Saturday, I finished a major task two whole days before the deadline. And while the length of my to-do list is still so long that I have to remind myself to breathe every time I unfold it, I decided that I would take Sunday off. So instead of muddling through a problem set or […]


The following section Sandel et al.‘s endemism maps are quite different from previous maps of endemism (1–33 [sic]). Their analysis would benefit from the study of regional variation and spatial patterns, particularly for mountain and glacial ranges such as the Asian Himalayas. when translated from science-speak, reads “Do yr homework, bitchez.”

Arguing with the mathematical ‘we’

I can tell I’ve been working on something too long when I start arguing with the mathematical we. You may be wondering, “What (or who) exactly is the mathematical we?” Consider the following for illustrative examples: Hence, from Equation (4.4) we see that P ~ 1/?n Or It is quite intuitive that the limiting probabilities for […]

Flattr helps little blogs, too

Have you ever noticed the Flattr buttons on this blog? Clicking on one of those is like tossing your change in the tip jar. You might think that it’s silly to use Flattr on a blog like mine (my readers are loyal, but few), but the small tips really add up. Despite the fact that […]