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New Pants


When I moved to Epiphyte City, my migraines got a lot better, leaving me with more time and energy to do all sorts of things, including an hour of yoga every day and swing dancing several nights a week. Despite all the new exercise, I’ve steadily gained weight. I had no idea why, until I went back to Small Southwestern Town for a visit over Christmas.

All of my old friends were shocked at my appearance – I looked so much better to them. I made the connection between their compliments and my expanding waistline quickly, which led me to the reason I’ve gained weight. I looked better to my friends because I’m healthier. When I lived in Small Southwestern Town, I had migraines 2 to 4 days a week, and when I have a migraine, I usually can’t eat. Since I almost never get migraines in Epiphyte City, I eat every single day.

No wonder I need new pants!

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