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The terror of feminism


Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Ivan Kramskoi

From Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy:

He began to think of her, of what she was thinking and feeling. For the first time he pictured vividly to himself her personal life, her ideas, her desires, and the idea that she could and should have a separate life of her own seemed to him so alarming that he made haste to dispel it.

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  1. Tolstoy was a passionate hater of women. His marriage was miserable, and he projected his hatred of his wife onto women at large. He would go into endless litanies of how women are disgusting, smelly, ugly, etc. His Kreutzer Sonata is his hymn to male chauvinism.

    As you can see, I dislike Tolstoy passionately. 🙂 But I admire you for reading his long novels.

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