What I’ve Noticed

Climate change sucks. But telling you that makes you less likely to fix the problem.

Ellen Degeneres by Annie Leibovitz

Ellen Degeneres by Annie Leibovitz

It’s not surprising that politicians fail to appreciate art, but it is disappointing that museums are caving to the narrow minded idiots.

Some people think sabbaticals are year long vacations. That isn’t true, and cutting them can cause universities to lose money.

If a career in science doesn’t work out for me, I will so be going this route.

One reason I’m a WikiLeaks fan: But I won’t be told that I have to take my bullshit and like it. Perhaps more importantly, without WikiLeaks, we wouldn’t have #wookieeleaks. Also, while you and I read the leaked cables in the morning paper and on every website we visit, hear them every time we turn on the radio or listen to a podcast, and can’t even get away from them on TV, government employees are apparently supposed to wear blindfolds and stop their ears.

I love my gramma, but going home is really fucking unpleasant:

And even though I have created a fully integrated queer identity and conquered internalized homophobia, I am being asked to step into a role I last inhabited when I was still trying to awkwardly shoehorn women into my sexual fantasies. Before the disco ball dropped and I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Waiting to let the Bush tax cuts expire only makes things worse . And we might *gasp* even want to think about raising taxes.

Without a social safety net, your parents are going to be moving in with you soon.