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Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Goodbye, Glaciers

One of my aunts, a sharp lady I love dearly, is skeptical of climate change.  A few months ago, I sent her links to the IGBP Climate Change Index and an EPA slideshow describing some of the climate change indicators in the US.  This sparked a conversation on climate change that I’m making public because […]

I take it back

My last post was a bit melodramatic.  I’ve since discovered that my letter writer really did submit the letter – and prior to the deadline, too. So he’s going to get everything worked out. Whew! In other news, I’ve started hearing back from some of the people I want to work with.  So far I’ve […]

Letters of reference for fellowship proposals

I submitted that fellowship proposal on time, and I think I did a pretty good job. A few of my particularly crazy interested readers even got to read the research part of the proposal. Even though my proposal was super fantastic, this is a pretty competitive fellowship and my chances were pretty slim.  But I […]

Proposal writing

Another day of proposal writing.  I’m worried I won’t finish, or it’s going to be crap, or both.  Those worries aren’t helping me write, so I’m trying to put them aside.  It’s raining/snowing/sleeting outside and the wind is howling.  A good day for staying inside with cocoa, while listening to the classical station and writing. […]

My laptop

My laptop might be on its last legs, held together with tape and unable to be unplugged, but at least it’s all shiny and clean! And now, back to proposal writing…