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Berry Go Round!

July’s Berry Go Round is here.  If you’re too lazy to run over to Jade Blackwater’s blog to read it, my favorites were Steve Young’s search for a rare sedge and Jeremy’s summary of the industrial vs. organic farming debate.

Write Like ?

I’m too busy today to post the usual link list, but not too busy for some serious procrastination.  I discovered a strange and silly tool called “I Write Like” that analyzes your writing, does some fancy statistical thing (nonsense?), and tells you what famous author you write like. It’s not very consistent.  My results based […]

The crisis: put down the pruning shears

Part of applying to graduate school is figuring out who I want to work with and what questions I want to try to answer.  To do this, I’m reading a lot of papers.  I’d hate for all this paper reading to keep me from blogging, so I’ve decided to share some of the more interesting […]


Arizona’s anti-immigrant law ignores the contributions of legal and illegal immigrants to our communities, violates people’s rights, and disregards the role of our foreign and drug policy in why people immigrate to the US. Wouldn’t you leave, regardless of legality, if your home were so dangerous that children were trained to avoid gunfire in school? […]

Music for Writing

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, mostly for work and the graduate school application process, and I’ve got a lot to do yet.  The music I choose while writing is essential for me to be productive.  Over the next few weeks (months?) I’ll share the music associated with my best writing sessions.  And […]

On correct punctuation

From Muriel Barbery’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog: I open the envelope and read this little note written on a business card whose surface is so glossy that the ink, to the dismay of the defeated blotter, has bled slightly underneath each letter. Madame Michel, Would you be so kind as, to sign for the packages […]