What I’ve Noticed

The higher education bubble.

A million dollars in copyright infringement on Glee demonstrates the ridiculousness of current copyright law.

A whistleblower in the NYPD exposed some pretty serious problems, but all anyone is going to remember is “cocking the memo books.”

I was thinking about saving for a fancy phone and AT&T ruins it.


How our laws are made (is really fucking complicated)


  1. Justin says:

    The post about AT&T strikes me as missing information that really demands to be included. While I appreciate the counterfactual concerning tiered data introduced in 1993, surely it’s relevant that AT&T’s plan would 1) reduce its own revenue for the foreseeable future and 2) reduce costs for a substantial majority of its smartphone users (who use less than 250 mb–even including many iPhone users). That’s not to say he’s wholly wrong, but surely you mention those facts?

    • sarcozona says:

      I don’t think AT&T is being evil here – but I do think their decision could have terrible consequences. I mean, what if something like this had happened in 1993 – no LOLcats?!?

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