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But that didn’t stop murder in the name of God

From Karen Armstrong’s A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Despite it’s otherworldliness, religion is highly pragmatic.  We shall see that it is far more important for a particular idea of God to work than for it to be logically or scientifically sound.  As soon as it ceases to be […]


Changes in pressure seem to be my biggest migraine trigger.  So changing elevation, flying, and weather changes all make me sick.  I want to choose a graduate school where I’ll almost never be sick, so I need to understand more about the types of pressure changes that cause my migraines.  What’s the minimum change that […]

What we killed Thursday – Thanksgiving edition

Just one collection of Flabellidium spinosum was ever made.  Theodor Herzog found this moss growing in the Tres Cruces Cordillera almost a century ago.  Theodor Herzog was a German bryologist and is famous (What? You haven’t heard of him?) for his work on the biogeography of mosses. The area and others of they type where […]

Well, that’s depressing

I attended a conference on water issues a few weeks ago and left feeling like there’s no way to implement successful policies before it’s too late. My research focuses on a tree that is quickly being extirpated from my state and is likely to go almost extinct in the next century or so, and lately […]

The best recipe ever

2 cups cooked quinoa about 4 cups chopped greens (Mustard, beet, kale, turnip or anything else you like. Works just as well with combinations.) 1 can black beans 1 medium yukon gold tomato sliced thinly 1 cup mushrooms (shitake, button, whatever) 1 medium onion, chopped a tablespoon or so of olive oil 2/3 cup vegetable […]