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Christianity isn’t concerned about women


Christianity is concerned about losing control of women’s bodies.

The FDA has finally approved Plan B over the counter for teenage girls.  It is very clear that the reason it wasn’t originally approved without a prescription for teenagers had everything to do with the Christian right’s terror of women’s sexuality and nothing to do with any real concern for the health of teenagers.

On a related note, the HPV vaccine is going thru the FDA approval process for use in boys.  When the HPV vaccine was approved for use in girls, the Christian right freaked the fuck out because giving girls a vaccine to protect them from cancer would certainly turn them into whores.  As Feministing points out, they don’t seem to be at all opposed to giving it to boys.  Instead, the debate about the vaccine in boys revolves around safety and efficiency – exactly as it should.  So, moral of the story from the crazy Christians: women should be punished with cancer for having sex, but men can do whatever they want with their bodies.

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