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Migraine Log – Week 17


I’ve been keeping track of my migraines for several months now to see if Petadolex would help my migraines.  What I’d hoped to see with Petadolex was fewer migraines relative to bad weather days (my main migraine trigger).  On the graph, that would mean more points below the line than on or above it.  It didn’t seem to have any effect and I stopped taking it last week.  To be sure, I’m going to continue to record my migraines for another month or so.  If they get worse, then Petadolex really was having an effect.


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  1. You are hilarious with your data keeping. All I notice is the fairly marked fewer number of green circles.

  2. As you proceed with your data collection, one question to consider is whether or not the medication had an effect on the number of non-weather-related migraines that you had. Maybe it doesn’t help with weather migraines because they’re too knarly, but it might help with other incidental migraines? Seems like a pattern you could try to pull out to prove or disprove, given a bit more data.

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