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The perfect movie for a snowy day

I watched A Room with a View a long time ago and don’t remember the storyline very well.  I do remember beautiful, sunny Italian scenery and being absolutely smitten with Lucy Honeychurch.  I’d much rather be watching this movie again than doing my homework.  It seems like the perfect thing to distract me from such […]

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Threatened Thursday

Commindendrum rotundifolium, the Bastard Gumwood, was native to Saint Helena, but there are no longer any that survive in the wild.  One was discovered in the wild in the 80s, but it has since been destroyed in a gale.  The Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh contain the only living specimens of this tree. While propagation […]

The privilege of the wealthy

From Jared Diamond’s Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: in the United States … wealthy people increasingly seek to insulate themselves from the rest of society, aspire to create their own separate virtual [communities], use their own money to buy services for themselves privately, and vote against taxes that would extend those amenities […]