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I mean no disrespect when I say that prescientific people, regardless of their innate genius, could never guess the nature of physical reality beyond the tiny sphere attainable by unaided common sense.  Nothing else ever worked, no exercise from myth, revelation, and trance, or any other conceivable means; and notwithstanding the emotional satisfaction it gives, […]

Weekly Top 5

So this is the crunch week of my scary February. Cross your fingers!  Luckily, there are some pretty good chocolate sales this week. Widgets

Universal Healthcare, please?

I went to the ER in 2006. I received a bill shortly thereafter for some extraordinary amount of money. I called the hospital, gave them my insurance information, and didn’t hear from them again. Late last month, however, I received a bill from a creditor for $1200 from the ER visit. I called the company […]

Oops! We did it again…

In 1979 villagers from Shantiniketan in West Bengal cut down a palm about to flower because they feared it could be a “ghost palmyra tree.”  This was the last Corypha taliera alive in the wild.  Years later, a cultivated specimen from an Indian botanic garden flowered and the seeds were collected.  Some of the seedlings […]

Berry Go Round #13 is up!

This is old news, but if you haven’t checked out the latest edition of Berry Go Round at Watching the World Wake Up, go!  My favorite entry this month was about the oldest tree on earth. I’ll be hosting the next edition of the carnival in a few weeks, so email your submissions to enchantressofnumbers […]

Staying warm

So it’s still cold and still windy and unlike Monday, I can’t hide inside all day long again. My goal is to stay warm without looking like the little brother in A Christmas Story. So far, I have not been very successful, but I think a few gorgeous accessories could help – like this Himalayan […]