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Science rocks my socks

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I’ve been working madly to get some data together to present at a conference in a few months and last night I wrote the last line of code, plotted the data, and just sat there for a minute. Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean all the time) science is surprising. Something I thought was sort of a continuous process is actually more of an on or off process. And while this surprise has very inconvenient timing (or maybe I should just get things done earlier…), it is going to completely change how I put this piece of my research into my fancypants model. Bonus: I think it’s going to reduce error, too.

On another note, last night I dreamed I was Siler’s sidekick and I kept thinking “OMG why does he have to make such a mess? I’m so hungry and this is going to take forever to clean up.” In real life, I am not that callous, though I am hungry all the time.

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  1. Allllllllll the time…

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