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Another one bites the dust…

This week’s extinct plant was a relative of coffee.  Coffea lemblinii sounds like it was lovely plant.  According to wikipedia, it was a small, very branched shrub with white flowers growing in the forest understory.  I wonder if its fruits were as tasty as those of its more familiar cousin C. arabica? You’d think that […]

Migraine Log – Week 8

I’ve been taking Petadolex for 7 weeks now. I bought Aleve and Excedrin Migraine today – I’m a little discouraged. But I said I’d give it three months, so I’ll give it three months. This week I used R to create the graph.  I’m learning R in one of my classes, so I thought this […]

Terrible myths

From Jared Diamond’s Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: “The environment has to be balanced against the economy.” This quote portrays environmental concerns as a luxury, views measures to solve environmental problems as incurring a net cost, and considers leaving environmental problems unsolvd to be a money-saving device.  This one-liner puts the truth […]

Weekly Top 5

Even though I’m really really really busy, the weekly top 5 will continue.  Not only does it take all of 2 minutes to put up, I listen to lots of music when I’m panicking about applications and abstracts and exams. Widgets

What I’ve Noticed

Obama is making good on his Guantanamo promises. The hard times are hitting education especially hard.  Write a letter to save an important evolutionary biology department.

Don’t miss me too much

It’s going to be pretty quiet around here for the next month –  I’ve got 3 big scholarship deadlines and an abstract to get submitted.  Wish me luck!