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To dos

When I get very busy and stressed I make a to do list and write down a time next to each item on the list.  Then I try to stick to the schedule.  This approach has gotten me through a lot of impossible to do lists.  It has finally failed me. I ran out of […]


This fierce woman is already married.  And happens to be straight. We all get our hearts broken though, right?

She’s back!

What to expect when you’re aborting pulled down her archives because of death threats a few weeks ago, but she’s back now!  If you haven’t read through her archives, you should.  As I’ve said before, she’s honest and funny and well worth reading.

Productive Saturday

Yesterday I got quite a bit done: Got day old bagel’s from Biff’s for the next week and a half of breakfasts. Did 4 hours of math hw (still not done…) Washed the kitchen floor, beat/washed all the rugs, and did a mountain of dishes. Filled out and mailed my ballot.  Hooray for early voting […]

NCSSM reunion

Last weekend I went to my five year high school reunion.  I was so excited about going, and I was not disappointed one bit.  It was the best weekend I’ve had in a long long time. I forgot how amazing it was to be around so many smart, passionate people. I spent Sunday afternoon at […]

Mom’s zucchini bread

You know those gigantic zucchini you get from your garden towards the end of the season when you already have more zucchini than you ever want to eat?  My mom used to make bread out of those and freeze the loaves for us to eat all winter.  The botany club garden had a few of […]

Missing class

I had a wonderful time at my high school reunion.  Pictures and details will be posted as soon as I catch up on the classes I missed. Until then, go check out these pictures of the sun.