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Uh oh spaghetti oh’s


Super confused by the current economic crisis?  The subprime primer explains everything with stick figures and should clear up your confusion.  And piss you off.  Don’t worry, lots of other people are really pissed off, too.

A simplified voting guide, via Edge of the American West:

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  1. I wonder if the cartoonist (or you) are aware that it is congress who controls spending, and it was a conservative congress under Bill Clinton…

    • The president doesn’t entirely control spending, but does set an agenda & has a lot of power thru vetoes, etc. The situation isn’t as simple as the cartoon describes, but it isn’t as simple as you suggest either.

      Reagan had a Republican Senate, but Democratic House, Bush I had a Democratic House & Senate, Clinton had a Republican House & Senate, and Bush II had a Republican House & Senate. (House & Senate data).

      Presidential party, however, matches quite well with the basic idea of this cartoon since the 70s: Republican administrations increase debt (as % of GDP) and Democratic administrations reduce it.

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