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This semester is going to be very busy, but doable. I’ve got a week where I’m going to Humboldt to do some work that could cause some problems because I’ll be missing an entire week of classes. Hopefully it’ll work out alright.

I’m taking differential equations, the second course of a three-course long physics series, and sort of a research methods course associated with my UMEB fellowship. I’m a bit worried about my physics course. I took an algebra based physics about electricity and magnetism in high school and I really struggled with some of the concepts. (I demonstrated my complete misunderstanding of said concepts by shocking the living hell out of myself every week in lab.) This semester I resolve to use the right hand rule with my right hand rather than my left. We’ll see how it goes… If I make my hair stand up, I’ll post pictures.

I’m also working about 30 hours a week. Almost all of it will be in the lab or in the field. I’m pretty excited. I get to go to a lot of beautiful old volcanoes across northern Arizona to collect tree cores. Best of all, I actually get paid (an incredibly small amount) for it! Financially, things are still pretty tight, but I’ve got enough for rent and I’m rich enough to have joined the Flagstaff CSA. Lots of vegetables every week are far better than peanut butter, peanut butter, peanut butter, ramen. I even bought a new bed with a nice firm futon mattress. I’m all grown up now, so my back hurts and a good firm mattress seems to help. Of course, presents are always welcome. Hugs and cookies too 🙂

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