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How to get a diamond tiara


But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

I mean I think a diamond tiara is delightful because it is a place where I really never thought of wearing diamonds before, and I thought i had almost one of everything until I saw a diamond tiara. The English lady who is called Mrs. Weeks said it was in her family for years but the good thing about diamonds is they always look new. So I was really very intreeged and I asked her how much it cost in money and it seems it was $7500.

So then I looked around the room and I noticed a gentlement who seemed to be quite well groomed. So I asked Major Falcon who he was and he said he was called Sir Francis Beekman and it seems he is very, very wealthy. So then I asked Major Falcon to give us an introduction to one another and we met one another and i asked Sir Francis Beekman if he would hold my hat while I could try on the diamond tiara …

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