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complaints about ER

I found a post at The Blarg complaining about ER a few days ago. I started commenting on it, but there’s a lot to say, so I’m moving here. Now, I’ve only seen ER a few times, and like all TV shows it’s unrealistic, but the parts he labels “liberal nonsense” are not especially fantastic. […]

fox news

This isn’t spin. It’s an outright lie. And people believe it (from the video comments): Why does it bother you that the violence and immorality of homosexuality is finally being exposed for the evil that it is? What is so wrong with letting children grow up normal and without fear rather than deal with filth […]

whee, global poverty, or agricultural subsidies

Fuel of tomorrow Originally uploaded by boubou1 LMB recently wrote about farm subsidies in the US and the damage they do. They affect the major ingredients and prices of the food we buy. there are five crops which receive huge, huge payouts from the US government: corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and cotton. None of these […]

terrifying questions

The left is often accused of slippery slopes when it comes to abortion: If you kill your “unborn child, ” what’s stopping you from killing your child after it’s born? But with the recent supreme court decision upholding the federal abortion ban, it seems we are heading down the other side of the hill. If […]