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a light lunch

Mrs. T suggests that pierogies make a good light lunch.  While I love pierogies, I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to describe them as light.

mother of thousands

mother of thousands Originally uploaded by sarcozona My plant has babies! Aren’t they cute? This plant makes new ones on the edges of its leaves, then they fall off. You can see some others forming in the leaf on the top left.

breaking up is hard to do

To the nth term test: When I first met you, I was excited by your simplicity and the opportunity to repeatedly use L’Hopital.  At first, I turned to you at every opportunity, but I have to go now.  I am anxious to determine whether or not this series converges or diverges.  Unfortunately, the limit is […]

For Ian

Scientists say they have cracked a nearly eight-decade-old riddle involving the Moebius strip, a mathematical phenomenon that has also become an icon of art. [link]

hate crimes

Some people say that there shouldn’t be hate crimes laws: The bill directly violates freedom of religion in this sense as it declares moral disapproval to be unacceptable. This is a hate crime: “And they’re saying what’s why they killed him. Because he was gay. And he wasn’t gay,” said Thomas Hall. “I don’t know […]

articles worth reading

Cleaning up Yet emissions keep on rising. If greenhouse-gas concentrations are to be stabilised, then the carbon price or the support mechanisms for clean energy, or both, will have to rise or be adopted worldwide, or both. And if that happens, the returns on clean-energy investments will increase even further and the companies that have […]