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Preliminary data

I looked up at the iv bag, half empty now, wondering when or if it would work. The drug dripping coldly into my arm was one familiar to me. In the past, it had made me writhe across the bed in a confused panic. Now they knew about that side effect and gave me something […]

Life’s sharpest rapture

Last week, I plodded slowly up the hill below my house, grunting with relief when my run timer went off before the steepest incline. Another runner bounded by me, and I had a moment of jealousy. But then I saw where I was standing and a different feeling overwhelmed me. On a cold, rainy day […]

This is what it looks like when a migraine drug is working

In mid-April, I started a new medication for my migraines. I actually tried topamax almost 15 years ago, but had to quit due to the side effects. My current neurologist dosed me up very slowly and took my concerns about being able to speak and read seriously, both minimizing the side effects and making them easier […]