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The following section Sandel et al.‘s endemism maps are quite different from previous maps of endemism (1–33 [sic]). Their analysis would benefit from the study of regional variation and spatial patterns, particularly for mountain and glacial ranges such as the Asian Himalayas. when translated from science-speak, reads “Do yr homework, bitchez.”

Where are the other queer ecologists?

Being a queer scientist in the world of academia is a lot easier than being queer at my old tech support job or in the rural south where I grew up. By and large, the scientists around me are kind and accepting. Most scientists care a lot more about my statistics and ideas than they […]

Figures Don’t Lie, but Liars Figure

When I began trying to convince my aunt that climate change is a very real, very risky, and human caused phenomenon, she sent me a list of questions she had about climate change. I answered all of her questions carefully and thoughtfully using scientific evidence and clear figures. After I finished the last post and […]

How to make an awesome poster

Several months ago, my aunt asked me a bunch of questions about climate change. I answered her here in a serious of carefully researched posts, many of which took me hours to write. Her answer? “You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to” with a link to an abc news story insinuating that snow in winter means […]

What irritates a scientist?

From An Introduction to Ecological Genomics by Van Straalen and Roelofs: Despite the importance of allocations and trade-offs in life-history theory, reliable empirical measurements are difficult. This is especially annoying because often the outcome of an optimization procedure depends critically on the shape of a trade-off function… [emphasis mine] This had my roommate and I […]

Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth

With Republicans and Tea Partiers in power in the House and some serious financial problems in the country, things look really bad for a lot of science funding. I was talking about some of the frustrations of getting research funded with a friend last night. Her response surprised me. She works in education and she […]