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New Year’s Resolutions: rinse and repeat

New Year’s resolutions, heck, any change in (good) habits is hard, even when I’m doing something I really enjoy. Last year I resolved to keep studying Russian – to make it a part of my life in a way that would result in me speaking Russian with a “reasonable level of competency.” I didn’t do […]

Botany and Russian collide

I got a message yesterday addressed ‘Privet, …’ and spent a few minutes wondering what the sender thought I had in common with Ligustrum. Then I realized that ‘privet’ is just hello in Russian, transliterated – a much less cryptic greeting than ‘common evergreen shrub!’ Clearly, I am not studying hard enough if it takes […]

Grad school applications: stalled

I started today motivated about working on my grad apps, got frustrated with a cranky repairman, and then scrubbed my kitchen and installed a new blog theme.  (Let me know if anything is broken please!) I’ve got about two hours before a friend comes over for dinner and a movie. I could read a few […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Studying Russian

I love learning languages, but I’m bad about starting and not ‘finishing.’ I know you never truly ‘finish’ learning a language, but I want to get to a reasonable level of competency, instead of just learning the basic structure of the language and colors, numbers, and food.  I tend to put language learning on the […]