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What I’ve Noticed

Instead of paying for decent healthcare or public transit, our government is paying, quite literally, for more cheese. Coming out can be really, really hard.  But funny, too: “I think I’m… well, um… a bicycle.” Overcoming gender essentialism is also really, really hard.  But it’s so worth it. Cheating is a huge problem in our […]

What I’ve Noticed

Dogs take the train in Russia. Surprise! Scientists didn’t do anything wrong. The real ClimateGate criminals are the accusers. One in four flowering plants faces extinction today. Thought the oil spill wouldn’t affect you? You’re probably wrong: Remember all those people claiming the snow last winter proved climate change was a hoax? They don’t seem to […]

What I’ve Noticed

It doesn’t say anything good about our culture that sexual violence against women is eroticized and mainstream, but women choosing and enjoying sex is just too much for us. A few songs are worth more than your life.  A lot more.  (via Michael Alan Miller) Oh, and Sweden took down pirate bay. Well, this should […]

What I’ve Noticed: Really Long Edition

Between things like steep fines and jail time for the “crimes” of being poor and/or a person of color and being unable to get a job because of poor credit, it’s almost impossible to escape poverty in the US. Yesterday was the anniversary of Japan’s surrender in WWII. Still sucks to be a woman in […]

A Little Politics

The latest A Softer World comic: PZ Myers points to a video of Sarah Palin telling an Assembly of God church that the Iraq war is “a task from God. Obama answers some important questions about science and policy. Dooce tells Republicans to live up to those compassionate principles: Because Leta was diagnosed with plagiocephaly […]

What I’ve noticed

The US government conducted a huge raid for illegal immigrants in Postville, Iowa.  They haven’t explained why some are being deported and others are being jailed.  Wives of the arrested men have been fitted with leg monitoring bracelets and basically been told “You can’t work, you can’t leave and can’t stay.”  The local Roman Catholic […]

What I’ve noticed (more than last week)

Sara Robinson writes about John McCain’s betrayal of the troops and how he’s paving the way for an army no one wants to see at Campaign for America’s Future. Drive by botany in New South Wales at The Reluctant Botanist. A short report on breast ironing in Cameroon at current tv. How drunk do you […]