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Migraine is all up in your metabolism

Investigating the role of adipokines in chronic migraine VERY COOL but quite tentative: this adipokine may be considered as a potential migraine biomarker, since increased levels of adiponectin are found in both EM and CM patients

Three Dozen Migraine Susceptibility Loci Uncovered in Large Meta-Analysis

Three Dozen Migraine Susceptibility Loci Uncovered in Large Meta-Analysis Nice writeup of this meta analysis in Nature. If you don’t want to do the free registration to read the genomeweb piece, they 38 loci (loci = spot in the genome) associated with migraine, including 28 that had never been found before. A couple interesting things […]

Botox for migraines – time for improvement

When I first got Botox it didn’t do a goddamn thing – except paralyze my forehead. But after I’d gotten multiple rounds of injections over the course of 6-9 months, I saw real improvement in the intensity of my attacks. Now, there’s evidence showing that you could still expect big improvements from Botox even after […]

neurosciencenews: New Insight Into The Cause of Migraine Many of these risk variants localize inside or close to genes that regulate the vascular system. The research is in Nature Genetics. (full access paywall) I’ll have a bit of a writeup with more details from this REALLY COOL paper in a few weeks.

Chronic fatigue is a legitimate problem and it isn’t bound to just one medical condition.

the-glam-witch: Pass it on. Relevant: this study on CFS risk in migraine patients. The current study demonstrated an increased risk of CFS in migraineurs. Proposed mechanisms in previous studies such as mitochondrial dysfunction and central sensitization may underlie the shared pathophysiology of these seemingly distinct but potentially overlapping disorders.