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The last tree

We ask what the Easter Islanders thought as they cut the last tree down, implying that they were somehow stupider than us, that we would certainly recognize the value of a resource and preserve it before it got to that point. But species are going extinct every day and even many common species are in […]

What do you know?

LL Cool Joe started an interesting meme a couple weeks ago and Leo tagged me. The rules: 1. You’ve got to post a link from the person who tagged you. 2. List 8 things that you know about on your chosen subject. You get to choose the subject. 3. You don’t have to tag anyone […]

Pinyon confusion…

Pinyon pine cover quite a bit of the west. Economically, they’re good for pine nuts and fence posts. Ecologically, of course, they’re a lot more important than that. They’re also very important in figuring out what the climate was like a long time ago since their needles can be found in packrat middens dating back […]

Festival of the Trees

The 23rd edition of Festival of the Trees is up at 10,000 Birds. Of course, you also think trees are almost the best part of the world we live in and will go read every entry. Just in case you don’t, though, the best bits are right here: From the intro this post on magnolias […]

Spring Break 2008 – Day 1

For spring break, I went on a trip with my school’s Botany Club. We drove through the desert to Big Sur, then down along the coast to Santa Barbara. There was a great deal of botanizing. We all made it to the meeting point at 5AM and miraculously managed to fit all of our stuff […]