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Navigating academia when you’re poor

Yesterday I wrote a post for Tenure, She Wrote about what it’s like being poor in academia, what you can do to increase your odds of success when you are poor, and how to support poor graduate students. It really seemed to resonate with a lot of people, both poor and not. I’d encourage you […]

Student loans

It’s like a life tax. You know, like, if you, if you want a job, and you want to, like, go about your life and your business, it’s just something you have to pay. Like a car payment. Climbing walls and college costs

Stupid, lazy young folks

Usually millennials get shit for being lazy and entitled. But now that the numbers show so many of us are working crap jobs, we’re getting called stupid, too. This WSJ article suggests that young people are shooting themselves in the foot by staying in their low wage jobs. Changing jobs is one of the most […]

Why your degree is worthless

Companies would rather not pay STEM professionals high salaries with lavish benefits, offer them training on the job, or guarantee them decades of stable employment. [link] So they whine and wail about fake labor shortages until the market is flooded with highly STEM graduates (trained on yours and the government’s dime). And then they argue […]

Double bind

Young women in traditional colleges are responding to the need to be better educated than their male counterparts, even if that means working for less money. The women I interview are earning the most expensive, most contested of all college credentials not to be competitive but to survive. via Gender, Race, And Going To Class: […]

Ending slavery hurt the economy

My 7th grade  history class was taught by a burly white man who liked to do civil war reenactments and pretend the rebels had won. We talked a lot about the causes of the civil war. I didn’t learn that the civil war was about freeing slaves; I learned that it was about economics. Slaves […]