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Backbreaking data analysis

I felt about a thousand years old as I got up to stretch my achy back and refold the blanket I use to cushion my desk chair. Data analysis should not be this hard on my back. I may be lusting after another pair of shoes, but a new deskchair is a much more practical […]

Home again!

I’m finally home after a thrilling, but exhausting ESA meeting. The trip home was a little more exciting and a lot longer than I expected due to a flock of birds attacking my plane. There were no winners in this interaction, but the birds definitely got the worst of it. I’m still pretty tired, but […]


As Lizbet pointed out, today is not actually Sunday. But why would anyone complain about getting the Sunday Song a day early? If anyone else was as offended as Lizbet about the error, my only excuse is that I’m up to my eyeballs in boxes and bubble wrap and flight itineraries. Keeping track of the […]

No Unicorns

Wow, that last post was whiny. Let’s forget about it and giggle at the signs in this cafe instead.

Everything is ok

Everything is okay, but I am very sleepy. Hospitals may make sick people well, but they sure do drain the life out of the well! Luckily, I can spare an afternoon for napping.