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Dick Cheney on invading Iraq

Justin has found a fantastic interview Cheney gave in 1994.  In the interview Cheney argues that invading Iraq would be a huge mistake and predicts many of the problems the US is having there today.  He even uses the word “quagmire.”

LGBT activist tortured by Iraqi police

The White House says that our War on Terror in Iraq is “[e]ncouraging reconciliation and human rights.” Torturing an LGBT activist doesn’t sound like encouraging human rights. The police tried to get Hani to admit he was a member of our Iraqi LGBT group, but he refused to say so, which is when the torture […]

complaints about ER

I found a post at The Blarg complaining about ER a few days ago. I started commenting on it, but there’s a lot to say, so I’m moving here. Now, I’ve only seen ER a few times, and like all TV shows it’s unrealistic, but the parts he labels “liberal nonsense” are not especially fantastic. […]