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What I’ve Noticed

Arizona enacted a law this week that makes it a state crime for undocumented immigrants to be in AZ.  It’s basically an excuse for police to fuck with any and all brown people who accidentally leave their driver’s licenses at home. Did you get flowers for your significant other this Valentine’s Day?  Did you know […]

What I’ve Noticed

PZ points out the ridiculousness of Pat Boone’s article equating the attack in Mumbai with Prop 8 backlash. China and India will follow the US on climate change policy, but countries like Mexico are leading the way. Dr. Isis has an inspiring post up on being a woman in science.  And believe me, we need […]

What I’ve noticed

While much of the news has focused on foreigners in Mumbai, Indians have borne the brunt of the attacks. SublimeFemme weighs in on the gay-marriage issue – I agree with her: But why should anyone have to be married in order to have access to a basic human right like health care?  I would like to see queers […]

Democracy and religious fundamentalism in India

We should be paying attention to this: While Americans have focused on President Bush’s “war on terror,” Iraq, and the Middle East, democracy has been under siege in another part of the world. India — the most populous of all democracies, and a country whose Constitution protects human rights even more comprehensively than our own […]