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Femme Friday – Grant Writing Edition

So there’s this grant proposal I’ve been tinkering with on and off for the last few months, but haven’t really pulled together yet.  I thought it was due November 15.  I met with my boss Wednesday to discuss ways to frame our project.  She reminded me of some administrative paperwork I’d need to do before […]

Femmes and femininity

Dr. Isis wrote a moving, insightful post last week on what we tell girls and women about their bodies.  I’m going to quote liberally, but it’s definitely worth reading the entire thing.  Along with Sublime Femme’s recent “Femme Myth’s” post, it’s inspired me to finally write about how as a femme woman, I am often […]

Back to it

It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged about shoes.  I haven’t stopped spending precious sleep time perusing zappos, however.  I’ve got a gazillion boots in my favorites, and have been recently inspired by my freaking HERO Dr. Isis to start back up with the shoe blogging.  Reading Sublimefemme also gets me thinking about shoes […]

What I’ve noticed

Obama is considering a drug czar who opposes needle exchange programs.  Needle exchange programs are very effective HIV prevention tools and help slow the spread of of other diseases such as Hepatitis C. Not long before the Transgender Day of Remembrance police brutally beat Duanna Johnson, a transwoman.  She was found dead recently. Sublimefemme links […]

Monday feminism

I really enjoy gender performance and the butch/femme dynamic, but a lot of people see butch/femme as a reenactment of sexist heterosexual relationship roles.  So I was excited to read Sublime Femme’s post The Feminist Fairytale about Butch/Femme.  Of course, I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s absolutely fantastic.  I tried to excerpt it here, but ended up […]