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A reminder of why I sound really bitter about pharma sometimes

Fake acupuncture works about as well as real acupuncture for migraine which works as well as or better than standard migraine treatments. Which is to say, we are utterly shit at treating migraine and at least acupuncture won’t make you gain weight/lose weight/lose the ability to speak/make you suicidal/destroy your digestive system/make you stupid/etc. Also, […]

Migraine log – Botox round 3 edition

The first time I got Botox, I was in high school. I was part of a clinical trial, but I don’t remember what stage. I got very woozy and asked to lie down for a few minutes after the injections. My neurologist told me there was no need for that and audibly scoffed when I […]

A surprisingly awful thing about triptans

I’ve found doctors tend to brush off most complaints about side effects, despite how unpleasant they can be all on their own. Even many innocuous side effects are very difficult when combined with the symptoms of illness or a particular lifestyle. For example, many triptans have a strong diuretic effect. For me, this kicks in […]

Really great resource from the migraine trust: Supplements and Herbs for Migraine – The Evidence

This tired earth

After only a week in the fields listening to the farmers, we realized that the crop substitution program, a key component of the American effort to eradicate coca, was a fantasy. Harvested by hand every four months or as often as six times a year if fertilized and sprayed, coca outperformed every other agricultural product […]

“The other side” of Arizona’s immigration debate

I’m not happy about the new immigration law in Arizona, but one of my aunts thinks it may be a good thing. ┬áThis morning she suggested I more carefully consider “the other side” because of the discarded items in the Sonoran: It’s definitely true that Oregon Pipe is littered with the backpacks, water bottles, and […]