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Merry Christmas!

This year I’m celebrating Christmas with my roommates, who have become part of my chosen family.  I’ve mentioned before that I really love Christmas, but it’s probably hard to understand how much I love Christmas until you’ve lived with me in December and had to deal with the nonstop Christmas music and continuously flour covered […]

Christmas Tree

For the first time since I left home, I have a Christmas tree.  Euphorbia aphylla isn’t exactly a fir, but mine is perfect for hanging ornaments.  Plus, it’s in the same genus as poinsettia, which is definitely a Christmasy plant.

Why believe?

The Guardian published a ridiculous editorial by JoEllen Murphy just before Christmas.  Murphy headed a fundraising campaign to run signs on buses reading “Why believe? Because I love you and I created you, for goodness sake – God.”  These signs are a reaction to American Humanist Association signs that say “Why believe in a god? […]