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Botox is not a treatment for anxiety and depression and do not fucking tell me to meditate my migraine away

People act like I get migraines because I’m pissed off and sad and don’t exercise enough, but I actually am pissed off and sad and don’t exercise enough because I get too many fucking migraines. The framing of research on migraine co-morbidities kills me. People with migraine, especially chronic migraine, tend to have a bunch […]

Botox is woefully underused in the treatment of chronic migraines

nyheadache: The FDA approved Botox injections for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches more than five years ago. I just discovered that in this period of time only 100,000 chronic migraine sufferers received this treatment. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, 14 million Americans suffer from chronic migraines, so less than 1% of them have […]

Migraine log – Botox round 3 edition

The first time I got Botox, I was in high school. I was part of a clinical trial, but I don’t remember what stage. I got very woozy and asked to lie down for a few minutes after the injections. My neurologist told me there was no need for that and audibly scoffed when I […]