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Another Berry Go Round!

August’s Berry Go Round is now up at Seeds Aside.  I love Seeds Aside. Botanical content and pun-filled writing – two of my favorite things!  Some of the great posts in this particular carnival are this one on botanizing in the Bighorn Mountains and another on an adorable little Sedum.

Kitty Todd Nature Preserve

If you’re driving from Michigan to Pittsburgh, you’ll probably go through Ohio.  At least, that’s how the car-full of ecologists I was with did it.  Some people might advise you to find some (any) way around it. I had never been to Ohio before and was not particularly impressed from the highway, even though they […]

Prairie Fen

Also at MacCready Reserve is a prairie fen restoration project. Before I visited the reserve, I had never heard of a prairie fen. That’s pretty sad, because prairie fens are awesome.  Lots of people get excited about them because of their insect diversity, but I was more excited about the plants! First of all, what […]

Berry Go Round!

July’s Berry Go Round is here.  If you’re too lazy to run over to Jade Blackwater’s blog to read it, my favorites were Steve Young’s search for a rare sedge and Jeremy’s summary of the industrial vs. organic farming debate.

A New Berry Go Round!

As of last week, there’s a new edition of Berry Go Round available.  The posts this edition are quite good, thanks to the discerning taste of the host.  My two favorites were a post on the resurrection fern by The Phytophactor and Ted MacRae’s post on pawpaw flowers.

Berry Go Round

The 28th Berry Go Round is a few days old now, but definitely still worth visiting.  Some of my favorites from this edition were Mary Farmer’s post on the relationship between a stunning tropical tree and extinct megafauna and a brief, but very good, article on terrestrial plant evolution. Want to submit to next month’s […]

Berry Go Round #27

Berry Go Round #27 is up now at A Neotropical Savanna.  If, like me, you’re still wearing wool coats and winter boots and looking longingly at the teeny tiny buds hoping spring will JUST HURRY UP, it might help you forget that it’s 24 degrees out right now.  It could also make you even crankier […]