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What I’ve Noticed

Dollhouse is over.  It was a great show. When Americans say they want to cut NASA’s budget, they think they’re talking about a budget of more than 600 billion instead of about 15 billion. Female orgasm described as ‘abhorent’ and  banned on film in Australia along with small breasted women.  Unsurprisingly, the standard does not […]

What I’ve Noticed (belatedly)

Georgia: even more of a backwater than you thought. Read a book, plant a tree. I need a lot of these. You don’t believe in evolution. You just believe it. To believe in something takes faith, trust, effort, strength. I need none of these things to believe evolution. It just is. My health is better […]

What I’ve noticed (more than last week)

Sara Robinson writes about John McCain’s betrayal of the troops and how he’s paving the way for an army no one wants to see at Campaign for America’s Future. Drive by botany in New South Wales at The Reluctant Botanist. A short report on breast ironing in Cameroon at current tv. How drunk do you […]

drought and australian farmers

The Australian government pays farmers during drought and wants to modify the program to help farmers deal better with climate change. Agriculture Minister Tony Burke says he supports the payments system but wants it to be improved, with farmers given more help to deal with climate change. … “What we want to make sure of […]

Railway creeper

This is a picture Whitney sent me a few months ago. Thanks to Slice of the day, I can now identify this plant as Ipomoea cairica. The Railway Creeper or Cairo morning glory (Ipomoea cairica) is a vine native to tropical Africa and Asia. This morning glory vine is beautiful, climbing on to whatever it […]