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No capacity

CBC Lite | Quebec ERs ‘on the verge of a breakdown’ and need help, emergency doctor says — Read on We don’t have healthcare capacity for even small additional covid waves. We don’t even have healthcare capacity for non-covid issues right now.

The construction of gender

Some interesting thoughts on how the way we medicalize gender affects what it means to be trans today. — Read on

All Plagues Are Political | The Tyee

Alex de Waal’s myth-shattering new book deconstructs COVID-19 and two centuries of epidemics. Five deadly misconceptions. — Read on Great to see these incredibly important ideas filtering out of academia.

Techno-Feudalism Is Taking Over by Yanis Varoufakis – Project Syndicate

The claim that capitalism is being toppled by a new economic model comes on the heels of many premature forecasts of capitalism’s demise, especially from the left. But this time it may well be true, and the signs that it is have been visible for a while. — Read on


I don’t drop people I disagree with from my life – but for many liberals, differences of opinion have become unacceptable — Read on In my experience, conservatives say this right up until the day they stop talking to you because you thought they were joking when they insisted they were more important and […]


Sometimes I feel bad about how many times I’ve revamped the main model in my PhD, but Google makes me feel a lot better about it. Google has launched Chat, its latest revamped messaging strategy. But the company has struggled to get its services in order for years, from Talk to Hangouts to Allo. — […]